About Us

Selectman, Paul DiNiocco
Paul DiNocco

The Wakefield Event Planning Committee is a municipal body appointed by the Wakefield Board of Selectmen in 2010. This committee hosts several events each year which include; the Festival Italia and the Holiday Stroll. These events seek to encourage community spirit, develop family friendly events and promote local businesses as well.

Our Mission

The EPC plays host to, and sponsors, two major events each year:

  • Festival Italia – Summer
  • Holiday Stroll – Winter

The mission of the Committee is to facilitate, sponsor and promote events and activities that are of a mutual interest for residents and visitors to Wakefield. The goal of the Event Committee is to involve and inspire community participation, while enhancing business throughout Wakefield. The Board of Selectman recognizes that town events encourage community spirit, promote local businesses and generate new growth.

We look forward to seeing you at our future events, and thank you for your support!

Committee List

Committee Chairman,   Paul DiNocco

Committee Members
Rada Frohlichstein
Susan Majeski
Peter May
Allison Muniz
John Ross
Saritin Rizzuto
Walter Schofield
Susan Wetmore


Town Administrator, Steve Maio